Counting pizzas at Pizza House Pinocchio「ピノッキオ 」

The numbered pizza arrives on my table, fifteen minutes after placing my order. It’s good to know that my pizza is 1,309,706th since this restaurant was established in 1962. This tradition of counting every pizza served at Pizza House Pinnocchio is a unique feature of this Italian restaurant in Kobe Motomachi.

Pizza House Pinocchio logo
Pizza House Pinocchio logo

Coming to this restaurant is an important part of my Kobe itinerary. Years ago, I read an article about my favourite author, Haruki Murakami say an anecdote about this pizza place that he frequents during his youth, growing up in this part of Kobe, Japan. In that magazine article he wrote, “The pizza arrives with a small slip of paper reading, ‘The PIZZA you are now enjoying is No. 958,816.’ It took me a while to digest that number … 958,816 … what sort of message should I take from that?

Pizza House Pinocchio

Now, that same small slip of paper is in front of me, saying it’s 1,309,706. Murakami and I have about 350 thousand pizzas in between us, and some odd years I suppose. What sort of message should I take from that? I also asked. I really did ponder on the question while I take a first bite of the pizza. Coming here alone, I was in a reflective mood.

No one demands me of an answer but for me each numbered pizza denotes the inevitable passing of time. Of moments and places that remain in our memories. Letting us embrace the good old days. It’s not about the frequency of visits. To date, I only had one. But is was 1,309,706th.

For those of you who would care to have a sort of epiphany while eating pizza, I suggest to visit the restaurant at lunch time. They add a 10% service charge after 6pm. Apart from pizza, they have pasta, hors d’oeuvres, gratin and others.

The restaurant is located about 12 minutes walk from Kobe-Sannomiya station.

Pizza House Pinocchio Italian Restaurant
Pizza House Pinocchio Italian Restaurant

中央区中山手通2-3-13 (太洋ビル 1F)
Kobe, Hyōgo, Japan
Tel. No.: +81 78-331-3330


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