Review: Pray Single [Alexandros]

So I’m starting this project of reviewing [Alexandros] albums. Since it’s been a year since it’s release I’ll start with the Single “Pray”. They released this on May 13, 2019. And because I still like buying my albums in iTunes store, I bought mine there. It comes with a live video performance of another of the band’s great song called Arpeggio. It was from their live dome concert ‘Sleepless in Japan Tour’ in 2019.

‘Pray’ is a rock ballad about giving support by means of prayer. Yoohei’s vocals and the gentle arrangement of the instruments from the beginning of the song, gives this song an emotional power without being dramatic. The lyrics goes, “Let me pray for you, to guide you, to shine a light. Every time I see you hurt yourself, you try to hold on with no help, so now just let me pray.” [The italics are Japanese lyrics I translated] This line alone endears this song to me. The ensemble of the all the instruments towards the song’s bridge makes this one a rock tune. Pray is also the soundtrack of the Japanese release of the movie, Godzilla (2019).

Here’s the music video. This music video is also the last [Alexandros] video that features their former drummer, Satoyasu Shomura.


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